Der Heilige Berg

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A naked, powerful vertical ice wall. There appear more and more hairline cracks, cracking ice, jumping up, pieces break, ever larger and ever more. At this moment, the falling chunks of ice – head large, chair big – massively hit four climbers, climb underneath. They are in the west face of Ama Dablam in Nepal. With all its force unleashed the ice avalanche hits a rope team of four led by Peter Hillary.

In the last third of the ascent in ice wall the avalanche shattered the dreams of four young New Zealanders in their attempt to first climb the 2000-meter high, almost vertical Mingbo wall. One dead and three injured hanging on a single anchor on the ropes: 1500 meters abyss deep down below.

The indigenous population worships Ama Ablam as ’sacred‘ and therefore untouchable. People are angry, fearing the vengeance of the gods. After the controversial first ascent of Ama Ablam in 1961 the mountain was already off-limits for 17 years by the government for all expeditions. Peter Hillary, son of the famous first climber of Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary, is the first after the reopening who organized an expedition with three New Zealand mountaineer friends.

The father is on his way, dying to save his son in a daring helicopter action. In an unprecedented demonstration of comradeship an entire group of climbers on the Ama Ablam rope down severely injured Peter Hillary and the surviving two friends from the rock and ice slide hell and lead them to safety.


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